The secret to getting your kids to eat their daily servings of fruits and veggies

I don't know what is about fruits and especially vegetables but some kids are born just hating vegetables. Yes through setting a great example you can teach them from young to eventually love vegetables by introducing them early on and having them as snacks instead of too many chips for example. Fruits and vegetables are so important for all of us and you want your kids to lead a healthy lifestyle starting from young. Nova loves fruits; banana, orange, apples, kiwis, pineapple. And use to like only a few veggies; carrots, corn, and peas. Even though I eat vegetables regularly, she didn't like eating them too much. I don’t want her growing up like me; I hated vegetables and didn't start appreciating them until I was much older.

Delicious Aruban style fish and funchi Recipe

I grew up on the beautiful island of Aruba. And my grandmother, she passed away a few years ago, made the best fried fish recipe for dinner, especially during Lent. Its common to pair your fish with what we call Funchi (yellow cornmeal) in Aruba. She made her fish three ways; fried, salted and boiled. I don't know what took me so long but recently I attempted to make her fried fish recipe and it came out great.  The family really enjoyed it. The crispy fried fish paired with the soft Funchi accompanied by some fried plantains makes for a delicious Caribbean inspired dinner.

The Secret Formula for a great home workout

I used to be a huge gym rat, I love the weight training room and feel like a beast in there. Now that I'm a mom, working from home and mixed with my hubby's work schedule I cant make it to the gym as often as I would. Working out at home can be demotivating sometimes. Nobody to hold you accountable and when you look over at your couch vs getting up and breaking a sweat, you might opt to plop on the couch. Exercise is one of the core parts of a healthy lifestyle (insert link). So I incorporate it at least 3 times a week. I now love working out at home and have gotten my mojo back. I've come up with a formula that makes me get off the couch and makes for the best and effective workout.

Impress your family with this amazing butter chicken recipe

So my husband has been talking about his famous butter chicken that has been requested at work every week since he started making it. Being do the foodie that I am, and also a bit jealous that I had not tried it, I requested he makes it this weekend. Thinking what could be the big woop about some butter chicken. I stand corrected, this is one of the best chicken recipes.. First of the spices and ingredients used in this recipe, maybe few but pack a punch of flavor! If your tired of the same ol chicken recipe give this one a try, you won't be disappointed! Its thick, creamy and smokey with flavor.